Protection of your product, or "asset," is of utmost importance to both you, and your customer. Whether your unit will be on the open sea deck of a container ship, or stored in a jungle environment for several years Rapid has you covered all the way!






Rapid utilizes "VCI technology," provided by Cortec Corporation. Click on Cortec's link at the right to access their web site. "VCI" stands for "vapor corrosion inhibitor."  VCI film, or bags, emit vapors that contact metal surfaces to form a thin film of microcrystals. This results in the adsorption of protective ions onto the ferrous or non-ferrous surface, offering a corrosion free environment for up to two years. VCI technology far outlasts conventional clay dessicants.









"Barrier Bags" are a poly-foil-poly lamination that completely encapsulate your product. A vacuum is drawn, removing all air from the bag. The bag is then heat-sealed to ensure it is air tight. Barrier bags are generally used with dessicant inside, in order to absorb potential condensation. Our preferred method is to utilize VCI technology in conjunction with the barrier bag.

Let Rapid's trained professionals visit your facility today and help determine the best method of asset protection!